27th June 2021 

This week has been so much fun, my work is now in the wonderful Barefaced Brewery in Blandford, what a joy have a couple of drinks of fantastic beer while looking at my work. Check out "Where can you see me" to get a sneak peak of how they look. The  Rhiannon from the For the love of art contacted me and asked me some amazing questions to be interviewed for her art business "For the Love of Art". You can read it here LOCAL ARTIST INTERVIEW SERIES

13th June 2021

Well further news to share in my art world this week. Since the Incognito Art show I have received interest and orders for some of my smaller swishes, which is incredible. The premise of the Incognito art show is you donate up to 3 pieces of art work, I did 3 swishes, they are all displayed together and cost $100 each. All the money raised went to the Studio A charity, which is a studio in Sydney that supports artists with intellectual disabilities to find their way into this magical art world. The amazing thing about this is you didn't know who the artist was behind the artwork until you had purchased it. This was such a winner for me, donate some artwork, all proceeds go to an amazing charity and its in Sydney, perfect.

There were 1599 artworks up for sale and people queued around the Sydney streets from the early hours as there were no internet sales for this, it was a first come first served in person event. All of the artworks sold so to my delight that meant someone has my work and they liked enough to pay $100 for it. Its blowing my mind that my work has been in the same exhibition as some really famous artists. 

On Thursday evening I went to the Celebrating the Old, Inspiring the New private view, this is because my collection of 4 swishes based on the beautiful colours of Sandbanks were picked to be part of this wonderful exhibition. The exhibition is spectacular and there are some really incredible art in it and mine is in there too which seems crazy. When they spoke about the exhibition and how they chose the work, there were more submissions that those chosen, I just sort of thought mine were there to make up the numbers. Any artists out there relate? That's good old imposter syndrome raising its ugly head again. After the initial shock of accepting that they picked me because they like my work I was absolutely honoured to have my work hanging on the walls with so many other amazing artists. 

Then the last bit of news from this week and probably the most exciting, one of my canvases sold in the Picture This Gallery, so that means I have my first red dot. When I received the message from Kate at Picture This my reaction was "No way!!!!" apparently the man who purchased it was really taken with the canvas, which was a slightly abstracted, quite simple, local beach scene, saying that it reminded him of childhood Cornish holidays because of the colour. To hear that its so fantastic, the new owner was drawn to the painting and he got the message I was trying to convey, so that is a huge success in my mind. 

Lets see how the next week goes in this wonderful world of art. 


6th June 2021 

Hello, I thought it was about time that I actually wrote what I have been up to recently as its been a while. 

Well this week has been wonderful, it started by dropping off my canvases at the Picture This gallery in Bournemouth. Imagine my delight when the gallery called to let me know that someone was interested in a commission, little squeal of happiness. I have created a few commissions now and it is always a boost when someone trusts me to make some art for them. Towards the end of the week I dropped off my work at the Poole Lighthouse exhibition which is celebrating all things Poole. Then only yesterday I found out that my submissions to the Incognito Art show in Sydney all sold. So all in a pretty good art week.