April 2018

  Hello everyone, first blog, very exciting. I would like to start with my stall last weekend at the Handmade Wimborne organised by Kyleigh of @kyleighspapercuts If you don't know of her check out her Instagram you wont be disappointed. 

Back to the stall, I had been planning for weeks, covering the kitchen table in stock. I have done this sale before back in December and created a collection of different baubles painted in my style , which people loved. It was my first real experience of this, and I was super nervous to present my work as something that is worthy of selling. Along with the baubles I did have some original art works for sale, sadly these did not sell but it was really amazing to see peoples reactions to them. Some flick through, some study them and some ask questions. This was priceless.

  Again back to the sale, this one I had to change the stock, baubles aren't all that popular in April. I went for magnets and small framed mini's.  We all set up in the hall, it was originally planned for an outside event but the weather wasn't kind. The hall filled up with 24 other local incredible artists and makers all ready for the crowds to come rushing in. The crowds did come, well a nice steady stream and all in the day was a great success. My first sale was right at the beginning of the day, a young girl with her mum bought one of my framed mini's, she was so taken with it and had to have it. Selling work is great but seeing someone get excited by it is amazing. Lots of people saw lots of different things in my work and I actively asked them what they saw. Two elderly ladies were looking at my paintings for some time, and discussing what they could see. These things included a tank, a kingfisher, a beach, coastline and my favourite of the day a slug. When said lady who could see the slug she asked her friend what she could see, her friend replied "no dear its just abstract" This made me giggle. At the end of the day, a lady was flicking through my painting until she found a pastel coloured swish, again another person who had to have it and knew where it was going to live in her home. for me this was the best, first stranger buying a painting from me. I almost wanted her to leave so I could do let out a little squeal of excitement, but I maintained my cool until she had left. , Although this is a small success in terms of money it is a huge success in terms of acceptance. 

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